Anannya Parekh Chief Executive Officer

I am 21 years old and currently pursuing my Aerospace Engineering from SRM University. My passions include business management, airplanes, Kathak dancing and public speaking. I love love love indie music and loads of momos! My dream is to spearhead the women leadership movement in the world and maybe, own an aircraft company someday.

Vighnesh Parameswaran Chief Operations Officer

I am 19 years old, currently pursuing Mechanical Engineering from SRM University. I love sports, and have been into it from ever since I can remember. Meeting new people is something that excites me. My dream is to be a part of the most powerful 1% people in the world.

Disha Shah Chief Operations Officer

I'm 17 years old and currently pursuing computer science and engineering at SRM University. I love dancing, swimming, reading and watching movies. My favourite festival is Navarathri. My dream is to travel and explore the world. I also one day want write a book maybe.

Aparna Krishnan Chief Expansion Officer

I'm 20yrs old, a sociology graduate and currently doing my MA in development at azim premji university. I really enjoy swimming and theater. Confusion is a constant state of mind and I'm selectively socially awkward. The way to my heart is lemon cheesecake, puppy memes and hugs. Just your above average sunshine

Swathi Singh Chief Marketing Officer

I'm a 20 year old student, currenxtly pursuing a degree Biomedical Sciences. As someone who struggles from being deeply interested in rocket science, astronomy, arts, medicine and photography, I'm trying to move towards a multi-faceted future.

Vishal Parameswaran Chief Technology Officer

Mesa Likes Food.
Mesa Likes Code
Mesa Likes Star Wars
Mesa Likes Rock

Aditya Ravi Kumar Chief Financial Officer

At 21, I'm a Mechanical Engineer by qualification but I currently work for a Venture Capital firm. I believe in soaking up as much learning as you can, no matter where you are. I am an ISB YLP admit for 2019 and I want to one day be in the business of growing businesses. I am a strong believer in the concept of Equality in Opportunity. Powerlifting is what keeps me sane and eating is what makes me happy!