The Inner Goddess Conference

A 2 day program designed for ambitious young women to boost their self awareness and discover their leadership goals through an exclusively designed module to tap into their 'inner goddess.'

  • Self-awareness solutions are provided to help discover oneself and map goals by learning effective decision making.
  • Spaces are created in the conference for introspection, networking and fun activities with a specially designed activity book and planner!
  • Access to avenues and strategies are provided to them to further develop their skills through The Action Program.

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Inner Goddess Conference

3rd-4th February

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In April 2017, The Inner Goddess Academy facilitated the firstever Inner Goddess Conference. Catering to girls between the ages of 17 to27, the two-day program impacted a dozen girls from various parts of India,and helped them get on the path to achieving their goals.


  • What is the Inner Goddess Conference?

    The Inner Goddess Conference is a two day conference designed to boost your self awareness and discover your leadership goals through a range of modules and activities exclusively designed to tap into your inner goddess.

  • How old do you have to be, to be eligible for the conference?

    The conference is ideally designed for ambitious young women from the ages of 16-25 but exceptions can be made!

  • When do I pay the registration fees?

    The registration fee can be paid from the moment you make up your mind and sign up for the conference till the day of the event itself; follow us on Facebook to avail our vouchers and early bird discounts! What is included in the registration fees? The registration fees covers;

    1. Lunch
    2. A tailor-made planner and activity sheet
    3. Inner Goddess Hamper filled with goodies
    4. Access to other dynamic members of the academy

  • What do I have to do to be a part of this program?

    You have to fill a registration form which will help us at TIGA design the phase depending on your personal atributes. Once you fill the form and make the payment, you get your Inner Goddess membership kit and access to the conference.

  • How often is the conference conducted?

    Three times a year.