The Action Program

The Action Program is the The Inner Goddess Academy's consultancy initiative. In this program, we help women take actionable steps towards achieving their goals by providing them a range of tailor-made tools and resources . We connect them with pottential collaborators, work together to develop strategic plans for individual objectives and offer consulting services to launch their business ideas!


Connect is an online directory of ambitious young women in your vicinity who are open to collaboration and co-creation. Find someone who can start a project, learn a skill or collaborate with you .

The Connect feature allows you to find women interested in the fields of your choice for more fruitful networking and collaboration

Plans are only effective when some serious action is taken.let us help youtake this action and avoid procrastination!
POA (Plan of Action) is a feature that helps you develop a realistic and effective action plan through one on one conversation with us!

We offer this feature for :
Style & grooming
Personal Finance Management
Productivity Management

Plan Of Action


Are you in pursuit of an idea you are passionate about? Are you overwhelmed by the thought of starting a business? Are you looking for the resources, tools and guidance to help you Launch it?

Launchpad is the feature that will help you kickstart your project and transform it into a sturdy venture - be it a small instagram business or the next big start-up!We offer extensive expertise on :
Marketing & Branding Starttegy | Human Resource Solutions | Business Model